Photoshop For Artists

Use digital photography as a creative medium and to create a web gallery of your work. This course explores the use and application of Photoshop CS3 and will provide you with basic understanding of exposing and processing captured files suitable for print & web applications. Learn the essential core functions of Photoshop CS3 to make technically proficient, aesthetically pleasing digital files.

  • When: September 10- October 3 (Tues - Wed - Thurs, - 2:30pm - 5:30pm, 4 weeks)
  • Where: The Victoria College Of Art 1625 Bank Street
  • Price: $396.
Photoshop For Artists
Photoshop For Artists
Photoshop For Artists

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Call to register 250-598-5422

1625 Bank Street Victoria BC V8R-4V5

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