Photogravure (Photo-Polymer) Printmaking

Photo Polymer Printmaking is a highly expressive and versatile new art form in which the use of photo-imaging and intaglio techniques are combined to create prints resembling those made by using traditional print-making techniques (like etching, lithography, and photogravure). Non-toxic materials are used. Plates are exposed to UV light sources and washed out with water, then printed on an etching press. This class will be split into two distinct weekend workshops: Week One: Preparation of source material using digital and hand made negatives; Week Two: Plate preparation & exposure; processes for printing the plates and creating editions. Part of the registration fee will be a $40.00 lab fee to cover material costs. Either week can be taken separately or together.

  • When: Summer Dates to be announced
  • Where: Ground Zero Printmakers
  • Price: $ 180. per week
Photogravure  (Photo-Polymer) Printmaking
Photogravure  (Photo-Polymer) Printmaking
Photogravure  (Photo-Polymer) Printmaking

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