Introduction to Encaustics

Discover this 2,000 year old process uses refined white beeswax and damar crystals melted together to form a strong archival compound that can be used to fuse and transfer images to it's surface. You'll be amazed by its limitless flexibility and creative potentials using photography and mixed media. We will be covering a wide variety of techniques such as staining, colouring, fusing, incising and embedding as well as collage and assemblage approaches. Let your imagination run wild, break rules and have fun with this unique, versatile medium. No experience necessary, just your enthusiasm.

  • When: Sat. & Sun. September 15-16, 9:30 - 4:30 pm
  • Where: The Coast Collective
  • Price: $295. plus GST
Introduction to Encaustics
Introduction to Encaustics
Introduction to Encaustics

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This class was like an adventure - the artistic outcomes were always unpredictable and sometimes enchanting. Risk taking was encouraged in a warm, inclusive atmosphere; engaged criticisms and imaginative, helpful suggestions were generously supplied. New techniques were clearly explained and demonstrated, and each session was very well-organized in both preparation and execution. The workshop was well worth the money and really has enhanced my own work.
~ Jeanne Cannizzo

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