The Altered Image Workshop Testimonials

“Tony provided a stimulating learning environment and demonstrated he is able to support the explorations of every student, from the beginner working with simple line drawings to the professional photographer. It proved to be an essential course for anyone aware of the importance of developing one’s visual literacy as a fundamental skill needed to thrive in today’s image based world” – Lesley Turner

“This class was like an adventure – the artistic outcomes were always unpredictable and sometimes enchanting. Risk taking was encouraged in a warm, inclusive atmosphere; engaged criticisms and imaginative, helpful suggestions were generously supplied. New techniques were clearly explained and demonstrated, and each session was very well-organized in both preparation and execution. The workshop was well worth the money and has really has enhanced my own work.” – Jeanne Cannizzo

“I loved your  course at Missa and want to do it again next year.  It definitely was the bright spot of my summer. I came home feeling very inspired to try the creative techniques you taught us. It has made me assess my photographic images in a new way – now always thinking about the artistic possibilities of what new transformations and art forms I can create with them. The possibilities are exciting and endless.” – Norma Lupton

“I participated in a week-long altered image workshop with Tony at Metchosin International Summer School of the arts. I found him to be very personable, approachable, and generous in sharing his knowledge of art and design. the class was instrumental in launching my artwork in new directions, which I’m now pursuing with passion and excitement.” – Denise Sturmwind fine art photographer and mixed media artist

“Tony is a superb teacher who takes the time necessary for you to understand and apply concepts. I took his class “The Altered Image Workshop” at MISSA and added interesting new printing and collage techniques to my own work in mixed media. I have also applied some of the things I learned to the classes I teach at The Bush School in Seattle, WA.” – Juan Gimelli: artist & teacher

“For all those interested in getting their ‘creative juices’ going this is a wonderful workshop. It provides a hands on introduction to a variety of printing, distressing, collaging  etc. processes.  Tony is an excellent instructor with a great understanding of adult education. On top of this it is a lot of fun. I would highly recommend it to those wishing to stretch their boundaries.” – Yvonne Rorison

“I have taken two of Tony’s “Altered Image”  workshops, a two day and a five day.  Tony is a great teacher, very knowledgeable, interesting and he has a good sense of humour. The lessons were well prepared, with lots of supplies for trying different things and lots of good ideas.  He is good at encouraging his students to try things and very helpful with hints and suggestions for improvement. The classes were small groups which made for a good interaction between everyone there. As a result I came away with a few pieces that I was happy with and the enthusiasm to do more, something that doesn’t always happen at a workshop. I really enjoyed taking these classes and when I got home I did work on new pieces which I put in a photography show this summer. They were very popular with the people attending the show, generating lots of admiration, comments and questions as to how they were done and resulted in a sale which made me very happy! – Ann Holt